Friday, July 14, 2017

Cluster Management and Orchestration of Docker Containers at Scale with Azure Container Service

I recently recorded a course for Cloud Academy to introduce the Azure Container Service. Containers have already transformed the way developers approach enterprise applications and are rapidly gaining momentum in production. To manage containers at scale requires an orchestrator, or a platform to manage the deployment, scaling, and resiliency of containers across clustered hosts. The Azure Container Service simplifies standing up and managing your orchestrator of choice in the Azure cloud.


The video starts with an introduction and overview of containers and orchestrators, demonstrates how to set up a new environment using the Azure portal, then dives into creating everything you need to stand up the cluster, private networks, load balancers and other assets for each orchestrator using the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI). In most cases you can stand up the assets needed, including virtual machine scale sets, master nodes and private agents, with just two commands.


In addition to SSH key generation, I walk through standing up each orchestrator, deploying a container, and scaling it out to multiple instances.

The orchestrators covered include:

Cloud Academy provides several subscription options and contains hours and hours of cloud-related content. You can access the course here: Introduction to the Azure Container Service. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!