Sunday, June 14, 2015

Video: AngularJS and KendoUI

Although you may already know I’ve been working with AngularJS since it was in beta, you may not know I’ve had just as much experience with Telerik’s KendoUI control suite. For readers who aren’t familiar with KendoUI, it is a suite of jQuery-based UI widgets that also integrates directly with Angular. The core set of widgets is free and open source, and the more advanced widgets such as the grid are licensed.


My team selected KendoUI for a Single Page Application we began writing several years ago that targeted HTML5. After reviewing several different vendors, we decided to go with KendoUI because the suite was built from the ground up with JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML5 in mind. Even before there was direct integration with Angular it served us well.


As a result of my extensive experience working with the control suite I became one of the first certified KendoUI developers. I was also invited to speak at the TelerikNEXT conference about how AngularJS and KendoUI work together. You can view the presentation here:

The presentation is designed for developers with all levels of experience, from those who had never heard of Angular before to those who are advanced Angular developers and want to learn how to integrate KendoUI.

I also posted the full slide deck and source code that I used in the presentation to GitHub.

For easy navigation you can jump to the following sections of the video:

If you have some time I highly encourage you to watch the full video regardless of your experience. The examples range from a basic live demo demonstrating various Angular features to several miniature apps, including a rate grid and a health application that computes basal metabolic rate. I enjoyed giving the presentation and welcome all suggestions, comments, and feedback below.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

An End-to-End AngularJS Guide

This isn’t a new eBook, a paperback or an online tutorial. I’ve been writing about Angular since it was in beta and have lots of material I believe is useful for developers with all levels of experience. Instead of forcing you to search haphazardly, this blog post organizes the content so you can jump directly to the post that you need.

The links have been organized into the following sections:

  • Background
  • Essentials
  • Advanced Topics
  • Testing
  • Examples
  • Best Practices
  • Modernizing Apps

I was very surprised when I started the task of organizing this content to see just how much there is. I hope you find this useful and welcome any and all comments and feedback.

Background (What and Why?)

A Different Angle: What is AngularJS?

10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS

Video: Angular and the .NET World

Single Page Applications (SPA): Your Browser is the OS

(Paid Video Curse): Fundamentals of AngularJS


AngularJS Project Essentials

Understanding Providers, Factories, and Services in Angular

Understanding AngularJS Isolated Scope

Dependency Injection Explained via JavaScript

No Need to $watch AngularJS “Controller As”

Using AngularJS to angular.extend Your Code Quality

Quick Tip: Using a Filter with ngClass

Advanced Topics

AngularJS Lifetime Management, Lazy-Loading, and other Advanced Dependency Injection Techniques

AngularJS Debugging and Performance

Interception using Decorator and Lazy-Loading

Using Zone to Trigger Digest Loop for External Functions

Instrumenting Angular with ZoneJS


I’m not Mocking You, Just Your AngularJS Tests

AngularJS Integration Tests with Mocks and Magic


Let’s Build an AngularJS App!

Quick Tip: Counting Watches

Generate Mazes in AngularJS with 8-bit Algorithms

Real-time Communication in AngularJS with ($Q)orlate

Build a JavaScript Feed Reader in Under 10 Minutes with AngularJS

AngularJS Explained with Answers, Videos, and JsFiddles

Commodore 64 Meets AngularJS and TypeScript

Best Practices

The Top 5 Mistakes AngularJS Developers Make (5 Part Series)

Revisiting AngularJS with TypeScript

Modernizing Apps (Such as Silverlight)

AngularJS: The Modern HTML5 Answer to Silverlight’s MVVM

Feel free to comment with your favorite links on other sites and blogs as well.