Monday, January 9, 2017

Comprehensive End-to-End Angular 2 with Redux and Kendo UI DevOps Example

I know, the title is a mouthful. But it describes exactly what I’m sharing! Before and during the Christmas break I created a project to illustrate how to leverage Redux in Angular 2 apps. As part of the process I integrated Kendo UI and created a full DevOps solution with continuous integration and automated gated deployments to a Docker host on Azure.

To start with, read about Improving the State of your App with Redux.


After you get the gist of how and why the app was built, learn how I set up DevOps Continuous Deployment with Visual Studio Team Services and Docker.


Finally, a common question related to Angular 2 is how to test it. On this blog, learn about Integrating Angular 2 Unit Tests with Visual Studio Team Services using PhantomJS and JUnit to report back test results.


Even if you don’t use VSTS for your automation, many of the processes and steps described in this triad of articles will help you build your own deployment pipeline.

Happy DevOps in 2017!