Friday, January 15, 2016

Successful Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Agility

Up-to-date software gained through strong application lifecycle management (ALM) is essential to business success, but companies can’t afford the downtime and disruption traditionally associated with software upgrades.

“Firms no longer can accept historical gulfs between business and application development and delivery teams as, increasingly, firms now expect to manage application development and delivery as a business and treat it as a competency,” warns a report from technology analytics firm Forrester Research. But updating software without disrupting business operations is the equivalent of changing tires on a race car as it speeds around the track. How can it be done?

The answers are in a new white paper I co-authored, Accomplishing ALM with Agility.

This whitepaper covers:
  • Agile Principles
  • What You Gain from an Agile Approach
  • How Agile Works
  • Getting Started with Agile
  • A Successful Model my Team Follows
  • Equipping for Success
Our team has combined decades of experience leading global teams on everything large multi-year, multimillion dollar projects to small, single developer, three-sprint apps. This experience has helped us understand how to apply agile to successfully deliver software in a variety of envrionments and verticals. From migrating to an agile cloud solution (PDF) to comprehensive ALM as a service, I’m confident our experience will help others achieve success.

Download the Accomplishing ALM with Agility white paper to learn more!