Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Introducing the AngularJS AWESM Stack

I recently presented the AngularJS AWESM stack at the Atlanta Code Camp. This is a stack I’ve been using successfully for nearly four years now. It includes the following components:

  • A is for AngularJS
  • W is for ASP.NET Web API
  • E is for Entity Framework
  • S is for SQL Server
  • M is for ASP.NET MVC

Each component of the stack is a piece of a larger puzzle that makes it easier to develop quality code faster for single page applications and line of business websites.


The abstract for this talk: “Single Page applications have taken the business world by storm and drive many responsive line of business web experiences. Fortunately Microsoft has done a great job of keeping pace and provides the backend elements needed to build a full stack solution for the enterprise. In this talk, Jeremy Likness demonstrates how AngularJS, Web API, Entity Framework, SQL Server and MVC (ASP.NET) work together to provide a comprehensive platform to build secure, scalable enterprise single page applications.”

To learn more about how I leverage the stack and why it is beneficial, take a look at the deck:

You can also access the sample code and PowerPoint presentation on GitHub: The AngularJS AWESM Stack.