Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Basic Silverlight "Ah-hah" Moments

Just finished listening to Shawn Wildermuth discuss Silverlight "soup to nuts." It was good to get back to the basics. Despite having done several applications including LOB apps for our business, there were a few "ah-ha" moments during the presentation.

  • Ah-hah ... so resources are keyed, not named, to prevent the objects from being created multiple times. One reference can be used (may be honest, but was an ah-hah moment for me)
  • Ah-hah ... partial methods (if you haven't looked into these, very interesting) make a lot of sense for extending generated code. Note to self: look further into "why extend vs. inherit?"
  • Ah-hah ... so instead of building a complex validation framework, why not use NotifyOnValidationError and ValidatesOnExceptions, then simply modify the template if needed?
  • Ah-hah ... why roll so many of my own converters when there are now mature open source projects like SL Extensions to draw from?
  • Ah...hah ... cool Visual Studio add-in: Rock Scroll, replaces the scroll bar with a code preview

There are many more very exciting sessions coming up, I'm sure I'll post more as I can!

Jeremy Likness