Saturday, August 22, 2009

More ah-hah

Listening to the talk by Rik Robinson and Steve Porter of Wintellect (this is at the Atlanta Silverlight Firestarter) ...

  • Ah-hah ... forget my earlier post on multiple values. May be obvious, but if you leave the property off the Binding tag, i.e. pass Binding instead of Binding Name, you get the whole object (slapping forehead)
  • Remember that binding is hierarchical. Instead of having to explicitly bind controls, Silverlight/WPF both let you bind at a higher level and reference at a lower. I knew this, but may be an ah-hah for others
  • Cross-domain policies require explicit references to subdomains, it is not assumed they are valid just because the root domain is the same
  • POX = plain old XML (as opposed to SOAP, REST, etc)
  • Ah-hah ... Rik likes a vertical hidden task bar
  • Important ah-hah ... WCF services return on the UI thread, allowing direct access. Other methods do not, and require that you use the Dispatcher to communicate across the threads
  • Use duplex WCF services for realtime applications ... very powerful (using a polling mechanism under the covers)!
  • AH-HAH! use the new browser stack instead of the client stack to expose the actual fault exceptions to the Silverlight clients (set in the service binding as well as specified ono the client) ... no customer service interceptor

Jeremy Likness