Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back to the ngFuture

Angular 2.0 is close to production ready release. Initially the community was in an uproar over the lack of backwards compatibility, but that has changed in recent months with the release of version 1.5 and several modules including ngUpgrade. In this talk, Jeremy Likness discusses the differences between major production versions of Angular, the options for migrating your apps to 2.0, and demonstrates how to get your apps back into the future with the tools that are available today.

Special thanks to the Atlanta AngularJS Meetup group for hosting this event! You can view the deck here:

You can also Visit the GitHub repository to download the code examples or run them live in your browser.

As a fun technology aside, here's a 360 degree photo I took with my Samsung Gear 360 at the Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta right before I presented the talk (click the photo to be able to view in 360 and use your mouse or phone to scroll around the view).


Jeremy Likness