Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TypeScript 1.8 to Future-Proof JavaScript Apps

There is no denying the trend to deliver critical business apps through the browser using Single Page Application frameworks that rely heavily on JavaScript. Traditionally frowned upon as a loosely typed language not fit for large scale development or teams, JavaScript is rapidly evolving with the latest ECMAScript 2015/6 specifications. TypeScript is a technology that can help teams future proof their applications and build them at scale.

By serving as a superset of JavaScript and enabling definition files to describe existing JavaScript libraries, TypeScript can be integrated seamlessly into existing projects. It provides syntax that aligns with the current specifications and will compile to various versions of JavaScript and leverage different libraries that provide module support. Learn how TypeScript improves the development experience by providing development and compile-time checks, type safety, interfaces, true class inheritance, and other features that accelerate delivery and improve the quality and stability of Single Page Applications.

Watch the full video from a recent webinar I gave with Kliant covering TypeScript 1.8:

You can download the code examples and deck here.

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