Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tablet Development with Microsoft Silverlight

On August 6th I gave a presentation for ReMix South about tablet development with Silverlight. It was a fun presentation to give. I presented using a Motion Computing CL900 to demonstrate the difference between standard applications and ones that are touch-optimized. I also spoke quite a bit about why Silverlight was the strategic choice for a company we had a very successful slate project with (see the Rooms to Go case study here). The project showcased in this talk was written using my Jounce MVVM with MEF framework for building Silverlight line of business applications.

There is a phrase I blogged about earlier called the "consumerization of IT" that is creating some interesting enterprise trends. An IDC survey of 3,000 respondants showed that 95% used devices they personally purchased in their place of work. Workers purchase smart phones and/or tablets and bring them in to use. This is coupled with a strong surge in demand Natural User Interfaces (NUI) as evidenced not only by sales of tablets and slates, but even gaming interfaces like Microsoft's own Kinect technology.

The video for the session is below (hard to see the slides, though). Direct link to the video is here. I've uploaded the slide deck along with the sample applications and source code. Slate and tablet development is a very exciting space for Silverlight and will get even more interesting when we learn the details of Windows 8 in just a few short weeks.

Tablet Development with Silverlight - Jeremy Likness from ReMIX South on Vimeo.

Jeremy Likness