Sunday, February 20, 2011

Codestock and Knoxville, Tennessee: Are You Coming in 2011?

Codestock is an amazing event that I first attended last year in Knoxville, Tennessee. It's hosted at a great venue in a wonderful city and loaded with exciting sessions. I had just as much fun speaking at my session as I did attending the other sessions and learning about new technologies.

I've submitted two talks this year and if you are planning on coming and are interested in these topics, please cast your vote. Codestock, unlike other venues, gives priority voting to those who have registered. If you do register, you can vote for my sessions here:

The Sterling Database for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7: The release of Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7 have created an explosion of line of business applications written in Silverlight. The framework provides a powerful advantage with its ability to run offline and disconnected from the network. For browser applications this provides a unique data storage challenge. Windows Phone 7 applications must also cater to the “tombstoning” scenario and efficiently serialize and rehydrate data when the program is swapped to the background and back. Sterling is an open source object-oriented database that addresses these needs by storing data in isolated storage. Sterling works with existing classes/types and is extremely lightweight. Learn how to use Sterling from its creator, Jeremy Likness, when he walks you through various scenarios and features involving indexes, LINQ to object queries, foreign keys, triggers, encryption, and compression.

Silverlight 5 for Line of Business Applications: Silverlight 5 has been announced and will provide a variety of incredible features beneficial to line of business applications. Microsoft Silverlight MVP Jeremy Likness will cover these features and teach you how to produce high performance scalable applications using the latest Silverlight framework. Learn how Postscript printing, improved MVVM support with XAML and data-binding debugging, implicit data templates, style binding, WS-Trust support, 64-bit support and more enhance the current runtime and take Silverlight to the next level within the enterprise.

I appreciate your support and hope to see you in Knoxville!

Jeremy Likness