Monday, January 31, 2011

The Visual State Manager Explained

This evening I presented a talk that dove into the details of Silverlight's Visual State Manager. I enjoyed the talk and had a terrific crowd with some very good questions. The deck explains much of what I went into with the talk, including exactly how the VSM works from when and how it starts and stops storyboards to the timing and flow of a state change event (including a flow chart that maps out the exact steps).

I've posted the PDF for the slide deck here for you to download.

The sample project for exploring the VSM, what I call the "Visual State Explorer" can be downloaded from here. This example provides some simple buttons and states to click and watch transitions. It hooks into the events and storyboards behind the VSM and shows exactly when and how they are started and stopped.

Finally, a more comprehensive examle is included in the quick starts that are part of Jounce.

Thanks to everyone who attended and I hope those who didn't find value in these resources.

Jeremy Likness