Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intro to MVVM: Slides and Sample Code

Thanks to everyone who joined me last night for my presentation about Model-View-ViewModel for the Atlanta Silverlight Meetup group. I enjoyed it and appreciate you sticking through the heat (pardon the pun).

As promised, I've uploaded both the slide deck and the code that I demonstrated for you to work with.

  • Click here to download the slide deck (read-only PowerPoint presentation)
  • Click here to download the sample project, which contains the starting project with code-behind ("before") and the same project refactored to use MVVM ("after")

PS - I mentioned this at the talk but realized it wasn't on the decks/this post: the code example starts with John Papa's Feed Reader example that focused on the syndication namespace and isolated storage. I converted it to Silverlight 4, then refactored it to show the same functionality using MVVM. It wasn't originally using the pattern because the focus of the article was on the syndication and isolated storage, not the framework. Thanks, John!

Thanks again and enjoy!

Jeremy Likness